People Management and Development


We do the following;

1. Developing and Reviewing Human Resource Plans/ Strategies
2. Developing and Reviewing contracts of employment
3. Developing and reviewing employee hand books
4. Reviewing and advising on company structures and culture issues
5. Designing and implementing performance management systems
6. Recruitment and Employee background checks
7. Developing and implementing training and development programmes
8. Advising on employee relations and Trade Unions
9. Payroll management
10. Health and safety audits
11. Surveys and Benchmarking of People management best practices

The People Department’s objective is to provide Human Resource services that are tailored to the needs of your business now and in the future, adapting as your business changes and working with you to take your company forward. We provide on site assistance with day to day employment/ employee issues, in addition we provide a full time help line. Once you allow us to work with you, you will be able to maintain best people management practices which will guide you and your managers when dealing with complex HR issues. At all times your HR professional is only a phone call or email away to provide that additional reassurance.

We offer personalized services to assist individuals in getting to discover themselves and using your strengths to achieve your greatest potential that you were created to be. There are various tools and programmes that we discuss with the individual employees in order to agree on the most suitable ones that will raise the employees’ competencies to be able to realize their individual full potential both at work and outside work. People are the greatest assets to any business. However many companies do not have the luxury to have a full time Human Resources professional to ensure that employees are fully engaged, reaching their potential to achieve high performance levels and being well looked after. The People Department offers HR expertise at a fraction of the cost, with the full service you would expect from a certified HR person working in your in house department. The People Department offers a unique and tailored service; you don’t have to pick a ‘package’ of services. The People Department professionals will work with you to find the best and most cost effective solutions for your business.

We provide support in the following areas for those companies that need specialized projects: Developing and/or reviewing Human Resources Plans/strategies, Reviewing and drawing Contracts of employment, developing and or reviewing Employee handbooks, reviewing and advising on company structures and culture issues, designing and implementing performance management systems, carrying outRecruitmentorassistingwith the interview process, developing and implementing Training and development programmes, advising and/or handling all Employee relations and trade union issues, providing advise on all Disciplinary and grievance procedures, carrying out Health and Safety audits, making recommendations and ensuring implementation, managing your Payroll, benchmarking best practices, carrying out Psychometric Assessments, developing and implementing Employee Attitude Surveys and providing practical strategies for employee engagement and commitment.