Audit and Assurance

We make the audit process as valuable as possible
to the client by providing sound, constructive advice.

Tax advisory

our role is to monitor and anticipate changes to tax legislation. We quickly look at the advice tailored to our


Backhouse has experienced sustainable growth and is proud of their achievements which include a wide variety of public and private contracts delivered within exacting timeframes to the highest possible standards.Quality, Project delivery and commitment have been our key drivers propelling us to continued success.

At Backhouse we believe in a holistic approach to analysis of business and development challenges and opportunities through careful selection of multi-.


Our Core Values

We strive to ensure that our business and development solutions are reliable. To ensure this reliability, we take responsibility

We execute our assignments with the highest level of integrity ensuring that the highest standards of personal conduct are

We operate in an environment characterized by diverse cultures, beliefs and backgrounds within Backhouse and our