Financial Management advisory


Davis is supported by a team professionals in delivering the financial management advisory services. This department has excelled in the following service areas:

1. Supervision of project financial management systems, compliance with financing agreement covenants, analytical reviews of disbursements etc. Clients in this category include International Financing Institutions (IFIs) with a fiduciary responsibility to ensure loan/ grant proceeds are used for intended purposes, bilateral donors, Government agencies, and NGOs.

2. Setting up financial management systems, development of financial management manuals, trainings and orientations of financial management teams etc.

3. Backstopping finance departments during work overloads or as a stop gap measure in the absence of substantive head of finance

4. Outsourced financial management services. Some clients have found it more efficient to outsource the entire financial management function to us; it turns out to be cheaper as there are no hidden costs such as employee absences, leave obligations, NSSF contributions etc

5. Financial and Economic analysts during project design. This involves using the costab to generate project cost tables, using farmod software to generate enterprise models and completing the entire economic analysis professionally. Financial Management assesments at design of projects including the design of funds flow arrangements, keys financial systems and controls.

6. Training executives in financial management areas.





Financial Management is a supportive but very necessary function in successful business management.
Balancing the cost of running a fully-fledged accounts department Vis a vis the benefits is a challenge for many progressive businesses. As companies strive to cut costs, they end up deploying an accounts clerk to take charge of the entire financial management regime. This, however, results in frustration both on the business manager/ owner and the accounts clerk. The business will be operated in apparent “darkness”-- the management accounts will be shallow and not grounded in sound financial analysis.
The option of outsourcing the financial management function to a professional accounting firm is cost effective and has many benefits. Backhouse, Certified Public Accountants, is pleased to announce this option for your consideration. For as a cost much lower than employing a full time staff you would have:

1. Professionally analyzed monthly management accounts promptly at the dot of agreed deadline-- without excuses!
2. A financial management specialist would explain to you the trends depicted in your management accounts, line by line including cost reduction opportunities, analytical outliers.
3. A cost centre analysis to better explain to you what segments of your business may be loss making and are being subsidized by other profit making segments.

There are no hidden costs; you don’t have to pay for accounting software, leave/ absences of staff, NSSF employer contribution, medical costs, etc that would arise under the option of engaging a full time qualified chief accountant.
We simply agree with you a filing approach for each receipt, in-coming and outgoing invoices and payments made and once you pass these to us, we take over the in-depth financial analysis.