Backhouse has experienced sustainable growth and is proud of their achievements which include a wide variety of public and private contracts delivered within exacting timeframes to the highest possible standards. Quality, Project delivery and commitment have been our key drivers propelling us to continued success.

At Backhouse we believe in a holistic approach to analysis of business and development challenges and opportunities through careful selection of multi-skilled human resources to provide solutions for decision making that exceed client expectations. We are proud of a multi-disciplinary professional team with skills in core fiduciary aspects, management services and Economic Analysis which we continue to enhance through continued professional development and training. We also continue to seek new partners who share our vision and who will contribute to our continued growth.

Our advisory services span many areas;

  1. Financial Management advisory
  2. Procurement advisory and support
  3. Audit and Assurance Services
  4. People Management and Development
  5. Tax advisory

At Backhouse, you have found your reliable decision making partner.



CPA Davis Atugonza Managing Partner

who we are

Backhouse provides audit, tax, financial advisory and consulting services to both the Public and Private Sector in Uganda and beyond. We are motivated by the commitment to provide value added services beyond our clients’ satisfaction. At Backhouse each client’s needs provide an opportunity for blending our diverse knowledge and experiences to deliver unique yet reliable solutions. Our staff are guided by a rich culture that fosters the following values:

  • a) Reliability
  • b) Integrity
  • c) Respect for diversity


To enhance accountability and quality of our services, each assignment is serviced by carefully selected multi- expert team subjected to quality assurance review.

our core values

Reliability: We strive to ensure that our business and development solutions are reliable. To ensure this reliability, we take responsibility for our actions individually and as firm. We make critical inquest of our clients’ operating environments to provide workable solutions.

Integrity: We execute our assignments with the highest level of integrity ensuring that the highest standards of personal conduct are maintained. In providing business and development solutions, we encourage client participation and yet maintain high objectivity and independence

Diversity: We operate in an environment characterized by diverse cultures, beliefs and backgrounds within Backhouse and our clientele. These diversities imply diverse experiences and ideologies. Our innovations and solutions to business and development challenges are designed to accommodate this diversity where individuals within and without Backhouse are respected in their own rights and differences are harnessed to develop workable solutions